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  • 2 poles: $189.00 
  • 6 poles set: $360.00

2x2 Slalom by Susan Garrett

  • Designed by 2x2 innovator Susan Garrett, to train great understanding of Entry and Exit!

    • The 2x2 slalom by Susan Garrett is designed to put into practice the method developed by the famous agility coach Susan Garrett. Its design is supervised by Susan Garret in such a way that it is a guarantee of functionality for the 2×2 method, 12 poles 12 days: this method is based on training through independent doors, to end up progressively forming a definitive slalom.

    • Each gate can therefore be purchased independently and 6 gates will be needed to complete the slalom.

    • Made of galvanized steel.

    • The poles are made of white PVC with colored stripes. Standard colour:  Blue 

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