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CRN06:  CANometer V2 two timing gates $2,999.00 

CRN07:  CANometer V2 Screen -the screen, cable and tripod. $2,500.00

CRN08:  CANometer V2 tripod stand (pair) **(need 2 pair of tripods for entry and exit) $190.00​ 

CANometer V2

Expected to ship by Mid 24'
  • ⓵ Two timing gates:
    ⇒ Can be attached to any Intercan or Lite wing jumps.
    ⇒ Each gate has seven sensor cells and a reflectant that cover all jump heights.
    ⇒ No height adjustment is needed.
    ⇒ Wireless on/off button. 
    ⇒ Two chargers are included.
    ⇒ The timer can connect and be controlled by any device like mobile phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer simply by scanning the QR code.  

    ⓶ Gate tripods:
    ⇒ Heavy, black powder coated tripods to attach the timing gates
    ⇒ It’s a good choice for fast change of course layout or in cases when the first obstacle is not a winged jump.

    ⓷ The screen and tripod.

    Please click for Product Manual Link

    Full wireless system / Exclusive design for agility. Made in Spain.

    Technical data of the Canometro v2

    - Crystal: 

    Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator TXCO, +/-1 ppm maximum error

    Time Accuracy: 1/100.000 s

    Time resolution: 1/1.000 s

    - Radio module: 

    Built-in 2.4 GHz WiFi radio

    Wireless maximum distance 100 m 

    - Power supply: 

    Internal Li-Ion battery with 5,2 mAh capacity

    4-5 hour operation without charging and allows the use of external power banks.

    ⇒ An external USB Powerbank is required to go all day at an agility trial. Power banks can attach to the base of the timing gate with a USB C cable. 

    Integrated charger: 5V 1A

    Charging time: 8-10 hours

    - Sensors:

    7 sensor each side 

    Maximum sensor distance 170 cm

    10cm between sensors

    Minimum detection surface 30cm2

    Detection time 4/1.000 s

    Maximum object speed 60 m/s

    - Extra

    Optional outdoor screen, 64x16 cm

    Web enabled, full API available for competition software. 

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