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    Intercan Seesaw 2.0 ANKC Model (Final Price TBA)

    colour standard: Blue with yellow: Personalised
    Expected to ship by July 24'
    • More Grip and safety with the same stability as always.

      • New easyslide system for height adjustment.
      • More balanced, New soft cover for screws. 
      • Made of powder lacquered aluminum with high performance rubber surface that guarantees a great grip.
      • Stainless steel shaft with ball bearings shaft for precise balancing and smooth ride.
      • Designed to obtain the maximum vibration and impact absorption. 
      • The design is registered and exclusive of Galican.
      • Rounded points of support improve stability on all terrains.
      • New tray with rubber surface to place sand bags.
      • Adjustable to various heights (60, 55, 50, 45, 40 cm) 
      • All the materials are suitable for outdoors. 
      • Total weight: 28 kg (ANKC 26kg)
      • This obstacle complies with ANKC rules and regulations. 
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