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Notice instructions.

  • Before shrinking to its original position the tunnel should be thoroughly cleaned (in the stretched position) with a damp cloth using water or a soapy water (don't use chemical agents). When shrinking to its original position the tunnel should always be dry. If the weather conditions remained the tunnel wet after shrinking to its original position, it is necessary to stretch it and dry. 
  • In the winter time, it is necessary to put the new tunnel into a warm room (min. +5C) for 24 hours before unpacking and stretching. 

Full Grip Tunnel

  • Fullgrip tunnel. Maximum grip, even with rain. No more slips with these non-slip tunnels. 

    Manufacture with very resistant canvas completely non-slip. The thick metallic spiral covered by a black rubber makes the tunnel very resistant to deformation and maintains its roundness even with heavy saddle bags. The ends of the spiral are specially protected to prevent the tearing of the fabric with the use.  

    - 150mm pitch

    - 5mm strong wire

    - Gripping Depth: 500 µm

    - Weight in 6m: 25k

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