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Personalised: You can select rubbers colour and Aluminium powder coating colour. 

Intercan Dogwalk 2.0 ANKC Model

colour: standard Blue with yellow: Personalised colour
Expected to ship by July 24’
  • New rubber surface with better grip, even in the wet!

    • New, more secure hinges with easy assembly. 
    • The best balance between lightness, stability and lifespan of the materials.
    • Soft covers at the top of the feet.
    • Made of powder lacquered aluminum with high performance rubber surface that guarantees a great grip.
    • New foot design, registered and exclusive of Galican.
    • Better stability on all terrains thanks to the wide distance on the base of the feet.
    • Rounded support for a correct position at all height.
    • Does not damage artificial grass.
    • All the materials are suitable for outdoors. 
    • Four heights are possible (120, 100, 80 and 60cm).
    • Total weight: 69 kg. (ANKC less weight) 
    • This obstacle complies with ANKC rules and regulations. 
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