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Stock: Blue standard colour $280.00 

Personalised colour to be made and import at next shipment.  $295.00 

This obstacle fulfils all the rules and regulations stated by ANKC.


Intercan Aluminium Jump

Expected to ship by June
  • Intercan Aluminium jump 

    The Intercan jump is awesome in all of its details!!

    • Aluminum frame powder lacquered
    • Aluminum inserts lacquered in a wide variety of colours and completely rounded.
    • The PVC jump bar is always white with a central colored vynil. 40mm diameter and 130cm long.
    • Heights adjustable from 10cm up to 65cm every 5cm.
    • Plastic bar holders is very durable, easy to chabge height, with exclusive design registered by Galican.
    • Completely rounded bar holders, easy to change height.
    • Sturdy and light weight, Safe for the dog.
    • The foot can be disassembled for carrying or setting aside.
    • The foot has a slight angle to improve stability on uneven surfaces.
    • Total weight: 6,5 kg
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