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Standard colour:  Blue inserts

Personalised colour:  +$15.00 from standard colour.

Personalised colour: To be pre-order and import at next shipment.

Colour option: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Red, Black.

You can select both insert colour. 

Intercan Plastic Jump

Expected to ship by Mid-24’
  • NEW Intercan plastic jump!! 

    • Entirely made of plastic.
    • Safe and resistance plastic Bar holders, Very quick and easy to change height.
    • Rounded edges for maximum safety.
    • Resistant to UV and outdoor use in general.
    • Slightly curved foot to improve stability.
    • 40mm diameter, 130cm long jump bar.
    • Total weight 5kg 
    • Heights adjustable every 5cm from 10 up to 65cm

    Standard version:  often in stock, both inserts are blue 
    Personalized version:  you can choose the both insert and pole colour, options are blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, grey, black, green and orange.

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