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Stock colour are standard Blue

Any other colours are to be made and import at next shipment.

Lite Plastic Jump

  • NEW Lite jump restyled in plastic!

    The simplicity of the Lite jump combined with the highest safety standards.

    • The new Lite plastic jump is made of white PVC tubes - UV resistant.
    • The jump bar is made of ø32mm tube, 130cm long.
    • The bar holder positioning system is the same as for our aluminum jumps, drilled at the back every 5cm, from 10cm up to 65cm. 
    • Bar holder is white, flexible and cannot be removed from the upright.The foot is very simple to set, you just need to click and the upright will be centered, it can be even more secured by inserting a screw on each drill (screws are sent along with the jump).The foot is slightly lifted off the ground to absorb surface irregularities.
    • Total weight of the jump is 6kg.
    • Standard Lite plastic jump has both inserts blue and also blue jump bar but you can always choose to personalize it from a wide variety of colours!
    • This obstacle complies with ANKC 2023 rules and regulations.
  •  A follow-up shipping quote will be send to each customers. 



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