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Wing weight bags available for windy weather conditions. 

Personalised colour: Plus: $10.00 

Soft Plastic Jump ANKC

colour standard: Blue : Personalised
Expected ship by end of Mid-24
  • New Improved Bar holders!! This jump is extremely safe, robust and very durable. Its detailed design will make them look amazing on your field.

    • Agility soft jump entirely made of rounded PVC.
    • Very low impact, Safest jump for dogs. 
    • 3D printed Soft Silicone Bar holders doesn't break easily.  
    • Bar holders are attached to uplight, No need to worry about losing them! it can be adjusted to any height (15 to 65 cm) simply by sliding it up and down! Height adjustment holes at the back of uplights.   
    • Joint, all details also have been improved. 
    • Total weight: 6 kg


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